Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things That Happened to Me

So, I get it. I know all of the blogs you read will have this exact same post (pretty much), but since I don't blog much, you should just appreciate what you get, okay? Okay.

Things That Happened in 2012

I went to quite a few themed parties this year, all of which were stellar.

I went to traffic school for rolling through a stop sign. Clearly the officer did not see my California licence plate.

I got a new car! Yipee!!!

My work thought I was pregnant (not really), thanks to a fun boyfriend who liked surprising me with balloons at work ;) <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

Visited Omaha twice!!

Visited California twice!!

My best friend/sister got married!! YAY!!! They are my absolute favorite!

Made some quilts.

Fell in love with a baby named Hudson Parker Sayre :)

All of my friends have become pregnant. (Side note: not all of my friends, just a lot of them)

65 people told me "Happy Birthday" via Facebook (hahahahahahaha) (thanks FB for the stats)

My BFF Jess made me the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER! "Guess Who" featuring all of my favorite celebrities :D

Had a great year!

Things that will happen in 2013:

Disneyland with the family!!


World Peace!



Heath Ledger rising from the dead!

A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. What a great year it has been! And another great year to come!! And can you please bring your Guess Who came to Disneyland? It sounds totally awesome!!!

  2. So I haven't read any blogs forever and I am glad you fell in love with hudson too :)